Lucky Kitty! Pretty Cure Super Crossing! (ラッキーキティ!プリキュアスーパークロッシング!Rakkīkiti! Purikyuasūpākurosshingu!) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure!. To transform, the Cures need their Pretty Cure Power Charms.

List of Sequences Edit

Cure WelcomeEpisode 1
Cure LuckEpisode 2
Cure MoneyEpisode 3
Cure ChanceEpisode 4
Cure FutureEpisode 5
All together — Episode 6

Transformation Speech Edit

Japanese Edit

All: ラッキーキティ!プリキュアスーパークロッシング!

Cure Welcome: 歓迎猫の歴史を学ぶ!キュアウエルカム
Cure Luck: ラッキーキャットと踊る!キュアラック
Cure Money: マネー猫とあなたのお金を共有して!キュアモニー
Cure Chance: 本当の幸せを見つけるために幸せな猫を、次!キュアチャンス
Cure Future: 幸運の猫によって未来へと導か!キュアフューチャー

Cure Welcome: 招き猫の失われた作品!
All: 歓迎、幸運、お金、幸福と富!
All: 招き猫!プリキュア!

Romanization Edit

All: Rakkīkiti! Purikyuasūpākurosshingu!

Cure Welcome: Kangei neko no rekishi o manabu! Kyua Uerukamu!
Cure Luck: Rakkīkyatto to odoru! Kyua Rakku!
Cure Money: Manē neko to anata no okane o kyōyū shite! Kyua Monī!
Cure Chance: Hontō no shiawase o mitsukeru tame ni shiawasena neko o,-ji! Kyua Chansu!
Cure Future: Kōun no neko ni yotte mirai e to michibika! Kyua Fu~yūchā!

Cure Welcome: Manekineko no ushinawareta sakuhin!
All: Kangei, kōun, okane, kōfuku to tomi!
All: Manekineko! Purikyua!

Translation Edit

All: Lucky Kitty! Pretty Cure Super Crossing!

Cure Welcome: Learning history of the welcoming cat! Cure Welcome!
Cure Luck: Dancing with the lucky cat! Cure Luck!
Cure Money: Sharing your money with the money cat! Cure Money!
Cure Chance: Following the happy cat to find true happiness! Cure Chance!
Cure Future: Guided to the future by the fortune cat! Cure Future!

Cure Welcome: The lost pieces of the beckoning cat!
All: Welcoming, luck, money, happiness and fortune!
All: Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure!

Sequences Edit

Neko to Cure WelcomeEdit

Kichi to Cure LuckEdit

Sakura to Cure MoneyEdit

Miyuki to Cure ChanceEdit

Mirai to Cure FutureEdit



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