Eternal Friends! Color Splash Pretty Cure! (永遠の友達!カラースプラッシュプリキュア!Eien no Tomodachi! Karā Supurasshu Purikyua!?) is the opening to Color Splash Pretty Cure!. It debuts in Episode 1 and makes its last appearance in Episode 48.


TV Size VersionEdit

Japanese Romaji Translation

永遠の友達!カラースプラッシュプリキュア! (カラースプラッシュ!)

Eien no Tomodachi! Karā Supurasshu Purikyua!

(Karā Supurasshu!)

Eternal Friends! Color Splash Pretty Cure!

(Color Splash!)

それは外側今日は非常美しいです、 同意しますか?

Sore wa sotogawa kyō wa hijō utsukushīdesu,

Dōi shimasu ka?

It's very beautiful outside today,

Do you agree?

Full VersionEdit

Japanese Romaji Translation

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