Battle! Prince PreCure
(Batoru! Purinsu Purikyua)
StudioToei Animation
LicensorToei Animation


Original RunFebruary 7, 2015
Opening SongHandsome Power☆Battle! Prince PreCure
Ending SongRoyal Dance☆Prince PreCure
Battle! Prince PreCure (バトル!プリンスプリキュア Batoru! Purinsu Purikyua?) is a Japanese anime series directed by Izumi Todo and created by CureKurogane. It is his first Pretty Cure anime installment and is launched on February 7, 2015. The themes' motifs are princes, happiness, and dreams. This series shares the elements of Go! Princess PreCure, thus having three Cures and the same powers.


Battle! Prince PreCure was created when CureKurogane decided to create a prince-themed Pretty Cure series since the debut season of Go! Princess PreCure has princesses as a theme. He decided to make it three Cures who have the same powers as the Princess Pretty Cure, but have a different storyline. Also, he decided to have a yellow Cure as a lead character instead of pink to show that other Cures in different color can be a leader.



Prince Pretty CuresEdit

  • Cure Stellar (キュアステラー Kyua Suterā?): His signature theme color is yellow and he is the Prince of Stars. His powers is based off of starlight.
  • Cure Poseidon (キュアポセイドン Kyua Poseidon?): His signature theme color is blue and he is the Prince of the Ocean. His powers is based off of water.
  • Cure Fiore (キュアフィオーレ Kyua Fiōre?): His signature theme color is pink and he is the Prince of Flowers. His powers is based off of flowers.

Virtue KingdomEdit

Dark EssenceEdit

Minor CharactersEdit





Vocal TracksEdit




  • Battle! Prince PreCure and Go! Princess PreCure both have simularities such as having the same powers.
    • Cure Stellar, Cure Twinkle =  Power of Stars
    • Cure Poseidon, Cure Mermaid =  Power of Water
    • Cure Fiore, Cure Flora = Power of Flowers
  • Their themes are hopes and dreams as well as happiness.
  • However, Go! Princess has princesses while Battle! Prince has princes.

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